Guide Cold-Smoking & Salt-Curing Meat, Fish, & Game

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There is an old wives tale that suggests the use of wet sawdust or woodchips by soaking them in water before smoking as this produces more smokeā€¦.. The extra amount of smoke produced is purely and simply just steam mixed with the smoke and we have already discussed that we need a dry surface on the food for the smoke to adhere to.

How To Cold Smoke -The Complete Guide (Meat, Fish, Cheese)

The extra moisture can make a small difference in Hot Smoking meats where short smoke times and high temperatures may dry out the meat however the effects are minimal and can be overcome by correct brining. Wet woodchips will generally dry out quite quickly anyway due to the heat being produced and then burst into flames causing temperature spikes and uneven cooking, this needs to be avoided if a good quality product is to be achieved. Most hot smoked foods, such as Fish and Poultry, can be eaten hot as soon as they are removed from the smoker however often a much better depth of flavour can be achieved by a short period of refrigeration.

As discussed in part one a much better smoked product will be produced if you have complete control over the temperature and smoke, a hot fire with blazing flames, little smoke and more complete combustion will actually burn off the volatile oils contained in the wood and reduce them to more tar type resins which give the food a nasty aftertaste, keep the fire down, cool and watch out for flare-ups.

Obviously the more sophisticated the smoker the easier it is to achieve, a food smoker will produce a far superior tasting food if the temperature and smoke remain at a constant and controlled level. With some foods it is also important to monitor the internal temperature of the meat as well as the smoker temperature. You can cold smoke other meats but much care is needed and the smoker temperature must be kept low so as not to start the cooking process, after hours of cold smoking to impart some Smokey flavour to meats they will then need to be cooked as you would normally.

To effectively cold smoke and to create a consistent quality product you need to take great care in the Brining and Curing process and make sure you follow directions and Brine tables precisely. Cold Smoking will produce a much better Fish product with more depth of flavour than hot smoking however you do need to be able to control the temperature of the smoker quite precisely as well. A typical Cold Smoke Fish could take anywhere from a few hours up to 12 hours or more depending on the type of fish, brine strength and density of the flesh. Cold Smoked Fish is essentially raw and will be saltier to taste than that of hot smoked, this is why only thin slices and small amounts are usually served with other condiments rather than a large piece on a plate.

Always keep plenty of notes; I have an exercise book that I jot down recipes, brine mixtures, cook times, temperatures, comments on the final product and even things I have done wrong as they are just as important.

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As I stated earlier do not overlook the brining process as it is very important and will make a significant difference to your final product, if you are worried about the brine strength it can be measured using a hygrometer available from hardware stores or from home brew shop. Happy Smoking. Click above for current issue content.

The current issue of TFBN is extensive and topical.

Cold-Smoking & Salt-Curing Meat, Fish, & Game

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Description Specs Takes a heads on look at traditional curing and smoking methods. Talks about cured fish, dry curing all types of meat, building several types of smokehouses for cold smoking fresh fish, meat, wild game and fowl. Offers delicious recipes about cold smoking and curing.

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